Glossary – Interesting facts for you

The most important turns at a glance.

A special art of soldering in manufacturing methods. Brazing is the joining of metals through the use of heat and a filler metal – one whose melting temperature is above 450°C but below the melting point of the metals being joined.

CNC machines
CNC machines (Computerized Numerical control), are machines which by the employment of modern control engineering are able to, with a high repetitive accuracy, automatically manufacture work pieces with complex forms. They have overtaken hand guided machines in precision and speed. See also Numerical Control technology / Numerical Control machine.

Hot Galvanization
The submergence of larger iron or steel pads into melted zinc for the manufacturing of 0.04 - 0.1 mm thick protection coats against corrosion.

NC – Technology / NC Machines
Numerically control Machines with pre-programmed courses of motion. The "digital manufacturing" can combine different manufacturing processes in one work cycle, resulting in completely new manufacturing concepts.

Plating / Electroplating
The closer understanding of G. is the electro-chemical surface treatment of metals. The electroplating is therefore the electrolytic separation of thin metal layers, with the aim of improving surfaces as well as protecting from corrosion. With G, where dispersion is used it is critical that metal, salt and acid residue accumulate. From the arrears in many cases, valuable material can be recovered.

Soft soldering
A special art of soldering manufacturing methods. Soft soldering is the joining of metals (lead free) through the use of heat and a soft filler metal – one whose melting temperature is below 450°C

Tool construction / Jig Construction
In the tool construction industry there is frequently complex and high costing tools manufactured for the use in different production procedures. These tools serve the economical and fast production of mass products such as work pieces and articles for the technology and the household etc The majority of tools are manufactured by highly precise and today mostly CNC machines.