FlowJet - Water Jet Cutting

The advantages of jet cutting are obvious: A distortion-free cutting of all materials is guaranteed through the cold edge process. There are no thermally caused material changes at the cutting edge and no alterations in the material structure.

Problem materials like synthetic-coated metal, aluminium, copper, rustproof steels can be cut easily and exactly.

High-pressure jet cutting particularly proves itself…
  • in Mechanical engineering: all materials from steel, high-grade steel, copper, aluminium, titanium and other metals (e.g. cast parts)
  • in residential and industrial building: Tiles, hard rock blocks, concrete, plasterboards, insulating materials, mineral fibers
  • in the forest industry: plywood boards, veneers, hardwood
  • in the automotive and ancillary industry: interior linings from composite material, dashboards, plastic linings, car tires, sleeves, rear-view mirrors